Advice on buying a child’s bike

Advice on buying a child’s bike

Advice on buying a child’s bike


Size – your child should be able to stand on their toes while sitting on the saddle, and on flat feet when standing over the top bar. A nervous cyclist may want slightly lower than this. Make sure you can raise the saddle as your child grows.

Brakes—they need to be easy to reach and pull. Try to pull the brake with your little finger—if you find it stiff so will your child (especially younger children).
Weight—your child shouldn’t struggle to lift and move their bike. This will also make it easier to cycle.

*Children’s bikes don’t need front gears (won’t get used) or suspension*
You can get good bargains by looking online or swapping with other parents. It is recom-mended that you get any second hand bike serviced before use.
Some makes are more expensive, but you will also get a higher re-sale value.

Helmet—skate helmets are very popular at the minute, but a cycling helmet will protect your child’s head better, are easier to adjust for a good fit, and can be altered as your child’s head grows.

Clothing—a waterproof coat is all that is needed. If it is a dark colour, buy a hi viz vest or something reflective for them to put on too.

Lock—if they will be leaving their bike at school or elsewhere.

Mudguards are not essential, but can be useful for wet days.

If you’d like more advice please speak to your school’s Active Travel Officer:
Ann-Marie Cox 07467337935

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