Using ICT


Using ICT

The school established its initial vision for ICT in the school in January 2008. It has regularly reviewed this since, in light of incessant ICT developments. The school firmly believes that ICT can enhance learning in all areas of the curriculum.

ICT is used right across the curriculum whether to create stories with voice overs and moving images, doing research, producing graphs and databases, using the world wide web, to creative art and children burning their own DVDs with their images and adding their chosen music. Web conferencing is used.

Information Technology

We have provided a very technology-rich environment within the Campus:

  • Each classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard linked to DVD, Sound System, Television and Internet.
  • Internet-linked PCs in every area of the school
  • Wireless Broadband connection for Laptop computers
  • Data projectors mounted throughout the school
  • Bee Bots and Pro Bots to assist mathematical and thinking skills.
  • Video Conferencing in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2