The School Community

The school community works with the children at the heart.

There are a number of different groups that support the school:
• The Parent
• The Staff
• E.A – Western (Education Authority Western Region)
• D.E.N.I. (Department of Education for Northern Ireland)
Some of these groups elect or appoint representatives onto the school’s Board of Governors.
• Parents elect two governors
• D.E.N.I. appoint four governors
• The staff appoint one governors
• Transfers elect four governors



Mrs. Sandra Isherwood

Vice Principal

Mrs. Roberta Bailie


Mrs Claire Elder
Mrs Linda Emerson
Mrs Aishlin McGee
Miss Yvonne King
Mrs Helen Graham
Miss Alana Williamson
Miss Katie Dunne

ASD Unit

Miss Stacey Lawson


Teacher Mr Nick Foy


Mrs C Doonan

Classroom Assistants

Mrs L Jones
Mrs K Donaghy
Mrs J Balfour
Mrs Y Foster (ASD Unit)
Mrs M Armstrong (ASD Unit)

Mrs B McGrath
Mrs L Fallis

Classroom Assistants LSC

Mrs A Caldwell

Head Board of Governors

Mrs A Beattie

Board of Governors

Mr D Graham
Mrs R Hamilton
Mrs D Wilson
Mr S Fallis
Mr P Phair
Mrs A Graham
Canon I Ellis
Mrs H Graham