The Board of Governors have adopted the following Charging and Remissions Policy:

It is the policy of the Governors to charge for:-
Board and lodgings on residential visits
Costs associated with the provision of individual tuition on a musical instrument whether inside or outside school hours unless it is provided as part of the syllabus for an approved public examination or to meet the requirements of Article 11 (1) (b) of the Order
The cost, in cash or in kind, of ingredients or materials needed for practical subjects (such as Craft and Design) where parents have indicated in advance a wish to own the finished product
Optional extra activities which take place wholly or mainly outside school hours and are additional to the education provided by the school for the purposes of preparing pupils for an approved public examination or for the purposes of meeting the statutory requirements imposed by Articles (1) (a) and (b) of the 1989 Order.
Participation in any such activities is to be on the basis of parental choice and a willingness to meet such charges as are made.

Charges will be remitted as follows:
The charge for the board and lodgings cost of a residential visit will be remitted in the case of pupils whose parents are in receipt of income support or family credit if the education provided on that visit must otherwise be provided free, that is, the activity takes place mainly or wholly in school hours and/or is provided as part of the syllabus for an approved public examination or is required in order to fulfil statutory duties in relation to the Northern Ireland Curriculum or Religious Education.

In cases of activities within school time which the school cannot afford, the school will attempt to subsidise these by asking in advance for voluntary contributions from the parents of those children directly involved. Such requests for contributions will indicate the actual costs to the school and suggest this as a suitable contribution. All the children in the group will take part in the activity, whether their parents have contributed or not. In cases where contributions are such that the school through the school fund cannot make up the short fall, the activity will not take place and all contributions already made by parents for the specific activity will be returned to them.

The Board of Governors reserves the right to seek to recover from parents the whole or part of the cost of breakages and losses incurred as a result of a pupil’s behaviour.

Documents are available for inspection at the school should parents request this. Parents wishing to inspect any of the following should give written notice to the Principal at least 3 clear school days in advance of the time they wish to see them. (This does not preclude an informal request to the Principal, who may make the documents immediately available, if this is convenient). Copies of the documents may also be made available if a week’s clear notice is given. Payment for copying will be required in advance. The documents available for inspection are:

The Governors’ statement of the aims of the school. Any statutory instruments, DENI circulars or administrative memoranda sent to the Principal or the governing body in relation to Part 111 of the 1989 Order.

Any published HMI Reports referring expressly to the school.

The arrangements made by the Western Education & Library Board for the consideration and disposal of complaints under Article 33 of the 1989 Order.

The agreed syllabus for Religious Education adopted by the Board.

Changes occur from time to time in the staffing and organisation of the school and parents will be informed of these by newsletter. The summaries on this webpage give the present arrangements with effect from September 2007.