In Jones Memorial Primary School we consistently review and revise our curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of all our children and reflects our professional beliefs about the skills, competences and knowledge that are necessary to enable children to reach their full potential and become citizens of tomorrow. This is achieved by ensuring that all pupils study the seven learning areas of the curriculum. This will be promoted and encouraged by providing the pupils with a diversity of ‘Learning Experiences’. Activities will be pursued on a class, small group and individual basis.

The Learning Areas are: The Arts, Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Numeracy, Personal Development, Physical Education, The World Around Us and Religious Education.

Foundation Stage (Primary 1 & Primary 2)

These first years build on the pre-school experience of our children. Play forms much of the ‘work’ and the children engage in activities that will develop positive attitudes and early success.

Key Stage 1 (Primary 3 & Primary 4)

Our children follow on and develop the learning achieved previously. Pupils will have a host of opportunities to develop these skills through worthwhile, challenging, relevant and enjoyable learning experiences.

Key Stage 2 (Primary 5-7)

In Key Stage 2 children extend their skills and knowledge across all the learning areas and are increasingly challenged to self correct. This aims to enable them to apply their learning to life and so develop capacity to prepare for transfer to post primary.