Jones Memorial Primary School benefits from a dedicated team of hard working professionals.  Everyone in our school has an important role to play in the smooth running and success of JMPS. Some members of staff are responsible for additional areas such as Literacy, Numeracy and Pastoral Care.

Mrs S Isherwood

Mrs R Bailie
Vice Principal
Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss R Jack
Year 3 Teacher

Mrs A McGee

Mrs K Burleigh

Mrs Y King
Year 4 Teacher


Mrs L Emerson
Year 5 Teacher

Mrs G Barbour
Year 6 Teacher

Mrs H Graham
Year 7 Teacher

Mrs S Mitchell
ASD Teacher

Mr N Foy
LSC Teacher

Mrs R McKenna
Engage Teacher

Miss L Noble
Nurture /SEN Teacher

Miss K Thompson
Classroom Assistant / Homework Club Leader

Mrs L Jones
Year 2 Classroom Assistant

Mrs D Parr
Year 1 Classroom Assistant

Mrs Y Foster
 ASD Classroom Assistant

Mrs A Boyle
Classroom Assistant

Mrs B McGrath
 Classroom Assistant

Mrs J Magee
Classroom Assistant

Miss A Bothwell
LSC Classroom Assistant / Homework Club Leader0

Mrs K Donaghy
Classroom Assistant

Mrs M Armstrong
 Classroom Assistant

Mrs L Parkinson

Trainee CA/ Homework  Club Leader

Miss C Curley
LSC Classroom Assistant

Mrs C Doonan
Clerical Officer

Mr F Wilson Building Supervisor
Mrs S Johnston Supervisor
Mrs B Gordon Supervisor

Ms N Kerr
Cook In Charge

Mrs L Tummon

Mrs K Burns

Mrs H Dilworth