Parents are always made feel welcome in the school. Parents are very supportive of the school, not only in supporting their child at school, but in helping to organise and run many events.

Parent Meetings with Teachers:

Year 1 Parents – Individual meetings in September

Years 2 Parents – Linguistic Phonics 12th September

Years 1-5 parents – Individual Parent Meetings in October

Years 6-7 Parents – Individual Parent Meetings in November

Year 7 Parents Information Evening in January on ‘Making Secondary Schools Applications’

Year 6 Transfer Meeting with Parents

Year 1 Reading Afternoon in February

Reports issued May/June.

Parents are always welcome to contact the school/class teacher to arrange an appointment to discuss their child’s progress. A written Annual School Report is issued in June.

Board of Governors – Annual Report to Parents 2017/2018

The Board of Governors is pleased to present this, the Annual Report, to parents. This report covers the school year 2017-2018 and we believe that it gives a very encouraging picture of the life of the school, the attainments and achievements of our children and the discharge of duties.

Download Annual Report

Breakfasts For Parents

The cooks prepare breakfast for pupils on a daily basis. BIG BREAKFASTS are held regularly. Cooked breakfasts are included on the menu and many mums, dads, grandparents and friends make that special effort.

Reading List

This is an eclectic list of books that some parents and children of Jones Memorial Primary School have enjoyed. You may find the list useful or wish to add to it in the future. The books have been split into four categories: picture books, short/first chapter books, longer chapter books good for sharing, and non-fiction.

Download reading list