Learning for Life

The world that your child is growing up in is changing rapidly. It is a world full of opportunities, challenges and possibilities. As parents, we all want our children to lead happy, successful lives, to be in good relationships and to make good choices for their future.

At Jones Memorial Primary School we aim to prepare children for life in tomorrow’s world. We believe that parents require more from a school than they did in the past. Our aim is to offer children a broadly based, well-balanced curriculum, which develops the whole child. This is achieved by ensuring that all pupils study the seven learning areas of the curriculum. Through which we aim to develop the young person as an individual, a contributor to society and a contributor to the economy and environment who can use the skills and capabilities that they have gained in class. This will be promoted and encouraged by providing the pupils with a diversity of ‘Learning Experiences’. Activities will be pursued on a class, small group and individual basis.

The Learning Areas are: Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Numeracy, The Arts, and Numeracy, Personal Development & Mutual Understanding, P. E., The World Around Us, and Religious Education. At the heart of the curriculum lies an explicit emphasis on the development of skills and capabilities for life-long learning and for contributing effectively to society. Therefore the school embeds ‘Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities’ and ‘ICT’.

Jones Memorial Primary School has been serving the community of Enniskillen and beyond since 1906. We maintain a proud academic record, along with a reputation for providing opportunities for every child, irrespective of religion, race or creed, to discover their true potential and experience success. In the most recent Inspectors’ Report, the children were found to be friendly, open, courteous and having poise and confidence. In the same report the staff were described as being very industrious; there was a high level of co-operation between classes; the curriculum was well structured and co-ordinated; all teachers had shared in the development of the curriculum; teacher preparation was thorough and there was a wide range of extra-curricular and extended school activities available to the children.

During the past 5 years we have evolved to a local primary school that provides every opportunity to further education, sport, children’s services, recreation and life-long learning. JMPS has now gained local and national interest as ‘Best of the Best’. Increasing numbers of children now attend from well outside the town, being dropped off for breakfast and picked up again when parents are returning from work. Many now return in the evenings to avail of the Youth Club and programmes that run in the school building such as Slimming world and Art Classes.

A 8 CLASSROOM SCHOOL for 192 pupils, each room containing networked computers, broadband internet access, multimedia technology and interactive whiteboards.

Please do call in and see us, as the true ethos of our school can only be fully experienced through a personal visit.