Narnia Trail

Jones Memorial Primary School are delighted to have hosted a “Narnia Trail” as part of their Christmas Celebrations. Staff and Pupils were on hand to ensure that visitors to the school were treated to a sparkling outdoor adaptation of the classic story by C S Lewis.

We enthusiastically welcomed Ms Michelle McIlveen, Education Minister for Northern Ireland, to officially open our trail. She was highly complimentary in her review of the interactive journey and all present can testify that cutting the ribbon went off with a bang!

Deborah Erskine MLA and Rosemary Barton MLA were in situ and were accompanied by the Chair of our Board of Governors, Mrs Anne Beattie.

The story was brought to life by a range of colourful characters as families made their way around the Narnia Trail.  Arriving at the Passport Office, photographs were taken and QR codes shared which explained the journey guaranteed to spark the imaginations of all ages. Finally, we stepped through the wardrobe, into the forest and entered the magical Mr Tumnus’s cave! Guests were delighted with the sound of Christmas Carols and were warmed up with a cup of hot chocolate while they were welcomed by Mr Tumnus himself. He was his usual righteousness and peace and as a bonus was wearing his bright red scarf!

The tour continued with a visit to the White Witch who tried to tempt unsuspecting folk with her Turkish Delight! She was tall, with skin as pale as snow and a fierce stern appearance. The White Witch earned her name because she had frozen the Forest of Narnia for one hundred years. Fortunately, the weather in Fermanagh was very kind to us all over the three afternoons. We are thankful for dry calm weather which was fundamental to the success of the project!  When the White Witch claimed to be human…. She had us all in doubt!

We moved on to Mrs Beaver’s cottage, so pleased that she was fundamental in the saviour of the children. A heartfelt welcome awaited the visitors and was accompanied with a warm shortbread and a hot cup of tea or coffee. A kindly good natured motherly soul who made one and all feel like they had come home.

From there we passed Aslan on his table and onto the Battle scene where ‘would be’ soldiers were provided with swords to tackle the lion piñatas! Luckily the awe inspiring Aslan was there to greet us. Aslan was a little frightening but his power was unmatched and his goodness unlimited. He was very kind and especially good to all who came into his presence.  A hero. By sending his army to rescue Edmund from the White Witch and eventually agreeing to be sacrificed and subsequently resurrected! Oh the joy of a happy ending.

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