Pumpkin Trail

Our school are delighted  to offer a free event as part of our community based approach to education. Jones Memorial has been active for over 50 years at Reillys Cross and we were keen to provide a simple trail for children to celebrate Autumn!

As a Staff we have had the support of parents in preparing for the trail. This interactive trail has been designed as a child friendly activity that will celebrate the season.

We have found that this has been an organic project with ideas growing ideas as we have gone along!

Pupils have been involved with each class providing a unique contribution to the trail.

We hope that folks will take time to visit us, wearing their hallowe’en finery. We suggest that wellie boots are worn as – we know that weather in Fermanagh can be quite unpredictable. We have utilised our Forest School to great effect and we are very excited to showcase our FANGTASTIC trail. We can assure you that they will receive a warm welcome.

Explore the Pumpkin Trailhttps://www.instagram.com/p/CVI-sCnjmtM/?utm_medium=copy_link


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