The world that your child is growing up in is changing rapidly. It is a world full of opportunities, challenges and possibilities. As parents, we all want our children to lead happy, successful lives, to be in good relationships and to make good choices for their future.


  • 8.15AM – 9AM

    Breakfast Club

  • 9AM

    Supervision in Playgrounds starts

  • 9.20AM - 11.15AM

    Morning lessons.

    Assembly on Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • 11.15AM - 11.30AM


  • 11.30AM

    Bell rings for end of break and children are brought back to class by the supervisors

  • 11.30AM - 12.55PM

    Mid morning lessons

  • 12.55PM

    Hometime for Reception and Y1 or 1.15 if staying for dinner.

    3.15pm if availing of After School Care for Reception & Year 1”Buttercup Club

  • 12.55PM - 1.40PM


  • 1.40PM

    Bell rings at end of lunch

  • 1.40PM - 3.15PM

    Afternoon lessons

  • 3.15PM

    Hometime for P2-P7

  • 3.15PM - 5PM

    Homework Club